In Which I Ask You To Bear With Me

Ok so we’re here. we’ve made it to the starting line (let’s be clear this is a metaphorical starting line, I have never nor will I ever participate in a running race).

At this point I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve got plenty of ideas in my head, I’m hot off an Amy Schumer binge watching session so I’m thinking like hey yea I’ve got this.

I’m going to write a blog.

A blog?! What in God’s name are you going to write about?

 In a world where Kanye West can run for president, why limit myself?  I present to you a diary of not only my life (glamorous though it is) but also my musings on where we are right now. There is no better time to have open discussions on the important issues facing our generation. Issues that I know many young people have opinions on. important opinions. opinions worth sharing. hopefully this blog will be a platform to explore some of those issues, start some conversations possibly definitely over a glass of wine.  (because we just get more articulate with alcohol right?)

Oh but don’t be put off it’s not all going to be feminist rages and war paint. (because once we start dropping the f-bomb we know the crowd scatters) . Consider no topic unexplored, no potentially embarrassing situation unexploited, no conversation on the bus safe from my eavesdropping.

Patsy Stone – my blogging alter ego

but hey let’s not get ahead of ourselves here there are a number of reasons why this could all go down in flames

  • Namely I’m a serial comparer, not just in my work but in all areas. God forbid I wake up feeling #onfleek before some nonchalant fashion queen saunters past me absolutely killing it in a pair of culottes (I’m sorry but who can actually pull those off). I digress. But real talk it’s scary to put something out there. Thoughts, feelings, painfully thought out hashtags. Although it’s easy to adopt the classic attitude of ‘not caring’ I DO CARE. I CARE A LOT. I’m not just writing for my mum here (although she 100% will read this) I want people to read, and writing something that you know people will read is a daunting prospect.
  • also (and I feel I am not alone in this), I have tendency to look back on my life and just cringe (see any FB statuses circa 2009). What seemed like a great idea at the time, is transformed into a source of ridicule and general distaste for my own ability to censor my behaviour. But ah isn’t that the great thing about life. There’s no way of knowing that you’re in the cringe worthy part of it until afterwards. An inevitability which has me forever singing this song. 
  • and perhaps my biggest fear of all. who says I have anything worthwhile to say? I’m nowhere as eloquent as I’d like to be. There’s no way around it, although I try to be mysterious and aloof with my perfectly formulated world view it’s far more likely for me to hold in a thought for 5 minutes which feels like 5 hours and then splurt out everything I think and feel in some kind of incoherent verbal diarrhoea. I suppose this blog is an attempt to somewhat compress those moments of incoherence into something I’ve actually thought through for once. something I might actually be able to project an intelligent thought onto (or at the very least take the p*** out of).

Is this going to be one of those inevitable projects that I start with gusto, tell every  person I know about and then drop a few weeks after getting back into Grey’s Anatomy and deciding that life is just ‘too hectic’ right now?



no it’s definitely a no.

It’s for sure going to be a little rough around the edges

but you know what I think I’m going to go for it, warts and all because well…

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