OhMyGod They’re Back Again

*sung to the Backstreet Boys theme song. Prepare to have it stuck in your head for the rest OF YOUR LIFE.


I’m venturing into murky waters with this one, fashion is not an area someone who spends more time in pyjamas than not is qualified to comment on. However the dedicated blogger in me feels compelled to provide some hard-hitting soft core pop culture commentary.  So for our first foray we’re diluting it a little. Paying homage to what is arguably the best decade.

But let’s be real for a second and admit that if you’re BORN in 1995 it doesn’t make you a kid of the 90’s. All your lasting memories start in the 2000’s (forever known as the era of embroidered flared jeans and Lizzy McGuire) Somehow we’ve made ourselves nostalgic for a time we weren’t even really a part of. I’m not complaining though I’d rather be nostalgic for a time I don’t remember than I time that I do (not kidding about those jeans)

Helping me to live my life since ’05

Ok so now we’ve got that out of the way. For all the haters out there. yea yea we know we don’t have any right to feel like we own the 90’s but we do ok, how is a 6 year old supposed to fully appreciate Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

So let’s start with what is perhaps the most defining feature of the 90’s. THE FA$HUN

For the Spring 2014 season the fashion world decided that the 90’s were back, and of course we’ve all seen the Devil Wears Prada, that then trickles down into the peasants known as Glassons shoppers and we lap it up like pork crackling on christmas day (10 weeks and counting btw) and now in 2015 the 90’s are back back.

The decade that won’t die. (and thank goodness)

You may remember in my Ode to Procrastination post in which I mentioned a copious amount of Friends episodes were being watched. That was no lie. And what is also true is that no one can watch that many episodes of a show chronicling life in the 90’s and not get some serious fashion feels.

Let’s take a look at the highlights

‘mom jeans’ – a serious resurgence. never mind the fact that they are possibly the most unflattering style of jeans to ever grace the planet. right after ‘boyfriend’ jeans that you buy in the women section at Country Road. But somehow that’s the bread and butter of the 90’s take something that would usually be the most unfashionable thing ever pair it with 4 other super unfashionable things and through some feat of mathematics it works.

aggressively ‘croppy’ crop tops. – oh you want to see my belly button and roughly 10cm of skin above and below? no worries.

double whammy

Overalls – any time I wear overalls I’m trying to emulate the iconic ‘Rachel from Friends’ look. There is no doubt about it. By really I just end up looking like I’m in the cast of Barney.

yes. to every.single.one

Sport wear – new balances. check. bomber jacket. check. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY PRINTS THAT MAKE NO SENSE TO THE NAKED EYE. check.

is this real life?

absolutely anything goes. I don’t think we’ve had an era of fashion (apart from whatever you’d call the mish mash of todays style.) where literally anything goes. slap it on + a killer attitude and you’ve got a look. need any more tips? see Cher from Clueless. She wrote the book.

So fashion in the 90’s just nailed it. Never mind the melting pot of amazingness (A+ for use of adjectives) that is 90’s pop culture.

First and foremost – young Leonardo Dicaprio. If you are a human being (middle class, western, aged 15 – 45) you’ve seen Titanic. If that has somehow managed to escape you (and for that I’m truly sorry. Stop what you’re doing and go watch) then it’s alright young Leo’s got you covered with Romeo and Juliet. I feel confident saying that he was at least at one time every teenage girl’s crush.

Leo probs just remembering some hilarious joke I told

The Wild Thornberrys

Iconic. I don’t know about you but convinced I was just as misunderstood as Debbie. When in reality I was 10000% Eliza. The tragedy is I’m getting more Nigel every day.

Spice World

I had this on VCR. WHAT EVEN. I’m probably sitting on a goldmine and I don’t even know it.  All I wanted to be was Victoria Beckham in that black dress in that double decker bus. Is that so godamn hard?!

I could literally go on forever let’s not forget 10 Things I hate about You, Freaks and Geeks, THE GODAMN MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Rugrats, The Parent Trap. omg the nostalgia is overwhelming.

 I’m going to send you on your way with a freebie here. My Mad Fat Diary – the 90’s of the modern imagination. The music, the sunglasses, the flannel. it’s all there. Not that anyone needs another show to add to their line up but 10/10 would recommend.

SO thanks 90’s you’ve given us so much and unfortunately we have Kim Kardashian leading our pop culture train at the moment so I’m afraid we may never be able to give it back to you.

I’ll leave you with a 90’s playlist which is 98% of the reason I did this post to begin with. Just like their fashion was a crazy mash up so were their jams. Apologies for copious amounts of the Chilis (does it make me cool to call them that?) featuring on this playlist. and sorry not sorry for all the Justin Timberlake.

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