Girls In Their Summer Clothes

*the title of today’s post is brought to you by The King

So anyone who is not living under a rock recently will notice that summer has decided to rear it’s largely absent head and bring us some glorious sunshine.

Like any normal human being this increases my positive outlook on life x1 billion and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the summer holidays.

So with the onset of summer fast approaching what is a girl to do but mourn her inadequate summer wardrobe and set about planning an entirely new one for the season ahead.

For today’s post I thought I would let the ladies who know summer style all too well do the talking for me.

Baby Houseman – Dirty Dancing

For a girl who seems pure as the driven snow, Baby sure knows how to bring the heat. Dirty Dancing basically invented my love for everything mini and when I say love it is purely vicarious, ain’t nobody getting cropped leotards on this bod. She shifts between short shorts and cropped cigarette pants like it’s no body’s business and pulls it all together with a nonchalant mane of hair that no millennial will ever appreciate fully. Lest we forget the iconic workout wear that is a flowing pink skirt and a tied up wife beater complete with rock hard abs (if you ever needed motivation for exercise then this is it).

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.39.23 PM

There is nothing better than Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey singing Lover Boy to each other (*signs up for dance lessons immediately)

did somebody say summer goals?

Bridget Bardot

I mean come on. Breton Stripes, eyeliner ON FLEEK, luscious lips before Kylie Jenner brought them back and beach hair for days. This gal has got everything right and whats worse it’s all like she’s even not trying. Bridget has me yearning for straw hats, head wraps and all things chic this summer. (let’s be honest I’m going be to wearing a rash top for boogie boarding and a visor cause NZ  sunshine ain’t no joke but a girl can dream)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.48.56 PM

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City

At a sleepover in Yr 8, it was decided we were going to do something which we perceived to be so totally daring I still take a breath in just thinking about it.

We were going to watch Sex and the City.

Not only did it opened my eyes to a whole new world (to say the least) but Carrie helped me to learn that really the best accessory to any outfit is badass attitude. An especially important lesson for an impressionable utterly too fashion forward 11 year old to learn.  Throwing that fur coat over her silk pjs on New Years eve was a great call and Carrie pulled it off because she couldn’t give a damn what anyone thought. Carrie taught me about taking fashion risks for yourself and that dressing up can be an adventure (a sentiment echoed by the inimitable Leandra Medine, the amazing author of Man Repeller). Trying to pick a favourite Carrie Bradshaw outfit is far too hard of an ask but check this out for a 10/10 selection. brb if you need me i’ll just be strutting around streets with my resident photographer.

Me too Carrie, me too but I think I’ll just sleep till noon instead

Marge Sherwood – The Talented Mr. Ripley


If you haven’t seen this film. GO DO THAT NOW. Totally enthralling and creepy but against the back drop of the Italian coast in the summer (a great excuse to see Jude Law with that one extra shirt button undone). Marge, Jude’s girlfriend is who I THINK I am over summer. Floaty dresses, ballet flats which allow me to daintily tiptoe everywhere (like every good woman should). I’ll try to channel Marge’s breezy summer vibes when I’m bracing myself for a good ol’ Wellington southerly.

ripley  936full-the-talented-mr.-ripley-screenshot

Honourable mentions go to

Thelma and Louise

The film that made road trips the most sought after seal of friendship and introduced a v young, v hot Brad Pitt holds a soft spot in this list. It’s not an easy feat to be the baddest bitches out while still wearing mom jeans. These ladies paved the way for films that celebrated female friendship and girl power. Where women stood up for themselves against Prince Charming and looked damn good doing it and I’ll be forever grateful.

First ever on screen selfie?

EVERYTHING – Sound of Music 

Justice cannot be done to this film in a single GIF and nor should it be able to. Something about this movie ignited something in 5 year old Olivia, which I think has secretly been informing my choice of summer dresses ever since. I don’t know if it’s the bandanas or the array of stunning pinafores or amiable skipping attached to every outfit  but something about it just works.

If this doesn’t give you an overview of everything I stand for, summer fashion or otherwise then I really don’t know what will.

and if you’re looking for me this summer……

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