Top 6 Christmas Movies

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After vibing to Nat King Cole and getting yourself at least partially warmed up to the idea of christmas, the natural next step is to turn up the temperature (ooh continuing the metaphor. v literary) and start to throw on those Christmas movies.

The movies on this list will come as no surprise to anybody, the only service I’m providing here is to remind us why we love these movies so godamn much.

SO! In no particular order!

The Holiday 

Feel good vibes, 4 stunning actors, 2 countries and one exceptionally charming Jude Law.

who can forget Jude Law as Mr. Napkin Head….*cue sighs

Home Alone 

As the lone DVD on a veeeeery long road trip through France when I was 11, I swore I would never watch this film again. But good films just have a way of creeping back in and nostalgia is a hard urge to fight. You can’t deny the satisfaction you get when Kevin’s traps go off perfectly every time and vow that ‘you’re so gonna do that to someone one day. (surely I can’t be the only one who plotted with great intensity against her brothers)


Love Actually 

Having recently been introduced to what I will tentatively call the more ‘problematic’ elements of Love Actually. I find myself at a little bit of a crossroads with this film. This Jezebel article is actually too good though so highly recommend reading, but I don’t think I can surrender this film from it’s revered position as greatest holiday film of all time just yet.



A reminder for all those Christmas haters out there to find your inner child  and make like Buddy the Elf and have smarties and spaghetti for breakfast. A true christmas miracle. Also for any New Girl fans, a platinum  blonde moody Zooey Deschanel is a true delight.


The Santa Clause (closely followed by The Santa Clause 2)

There’s nothing particularly iconic about this film but I think there’s a lot to be said for the power of nostalgia. Nothing like a good ol’ 1995 christmas movie complete with skivvies and atrocious christmas jumpers. I don’t know why Tim Allen is so comforting but he just is.



Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Despite his green, hairy demeanour the Grinch is actually quite a relatable guy. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Seuss’s brilliant story has a heart of gold and like every good christmas film we come away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside…..perhaps like our heart grew three sizes? But can we please acknowledge those noses?!


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