In My Ears – August


You know that feeling when you listen to a song that you love so much that you a) can never stop listening to it and b) have to tell everyone you meet about it until they finally stop you with groans of yes we get it! the hills are alive with sound of music (or maybe that’s just me)

I’m sure I’m not alone in getting absolutely obsessed with songs so I thought why not share the love and let you in on what I’ve been listening to heaps each month. My friend and I did this for our entire last year of high school, favouring playlist making over the drones of our environmental studies teacher, and not only does it make for great procrastination it’s also a really cool little time capsule to look back on.  Do not mistake this for me thinking I have an excellent taste in music, I’m well aware that I’m quite frequently behind the times, I can’t decide if I like Top 40 or not and 80% of my favourite music comes from before I was born. Despite my shortcomings, I do love discovering new music and rediscovering old favourites. Music is a huge bringer -togetherer of my friends and I, many great nights have ended with us just screaming Arctic Monkey’s lyrics at each other from across the dance floor.Music can always transport you back to a time and place and you know me, nostalgia is my kryptonite.  So I’m going to be sharing my monthly playlist here on the blog and a few little stories of why I love the songs so much and what has led me to be jamming them this month! Without further ado – enjoy August!

Guarda come dondolo – Master of None 

okay so I KNOW, I know I’m late to the game on this show. I’m a longtime fan of Parks and Rec and I was a huge fan of Aziz’s book Modern Romance so I was stewing with excitement for his TV show and as soon as it was released on Netflix I jumped on it. Sadly, I only got through an episode and a half before I decided to opt out. It just felt really forced to me and I thought his writing was much better as zinging one liners that you read rather than said out loud, so I stopped watching (shame on me). I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to jump back in again this month and BOY OH BOY. The first season is a bit of a slow burner but by the end I was hooked and then I full on fell in love in the second season. The scene when they are dancing in Dev’s living room gives me life and this song is literally the perfect one to have a living room dance part to. WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE FRANCHESCA?!?

But Not For Me – Chet Baker 

If you’ve read my recent blog about my bedroom you’ll know that I’ve really been loving my space recently, my bedroom and the house. Our new flatmate brought with her a Chromecast and that really changed our music game. With fairy lights in absolute abundance and our recent discovery that we can in fact use the fire place it’s made me love cosy nights at home and I feel like those go really well with some classics. I love how soft and sexy Chet Baker’s voice is (and as a girl with a verified man’s singing voice it’s perfect to join in on). Ambiance points 100+

No Me Diga – In The Heights 

My lovely flatmate Olly recently played Benny in the musical so naturally we went along to support. I’m a bloody massive fan of Hamilton, but I cannot fathom how I had the audacity to call myself a fan without having ever listened to In The Heights. Of course if you’ve ever listened to Lin Manuel Miranda’s music you’ll know that you CANNOT HELP but get attached to the characters, the story and of course marvel at the talent of the performers. So I could include the whole In The Heights playlist this month (which I love jamming to while I clean my room) but I’ve just included my favourite song, the sassy song of the salon ladies. No Me Diga!


and THANK GOD for that, brb while I continue to spend all my time learning the moves to this music video.

J’en Connais – Carla Bruni 

When I was about 11 or 12 we did a massive road trip through the South of France (a trip ENTIRELY WASTED on this lil punk of an 11 year old). Mum and dad bought a Carla Bruni album and played it incessantly in the car, much to the actual outrage of their children who could not believe they would have the nerve to play such boring non english speaking songs. Well they’ve got the last laugh on this one because many years later Carla Bruni has become one of my most favourite artists. I used her music in a dance assignment earlier this year and it’s made me fall in love with her all over again.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

now this won’t be on the Spotify playlist but podcasts are something I spend a lot of time listening to and this beauty is sneaking in right at the end of this month. I know its been out forever but I’m only just jumping on the bandwagon now, another example of how behind the times I am! Seriously though it’s quite literally one of THE funniest things I’ve ever listened to and during my morning commute I’ve already become a danger to myself and others because of how hard I’ve been laughing. I’m no stranger to a chuckle on the bus but this podcast has me like quite literally laughing out loud, tears streaming down my face, bent double with convulsions. I’ve only just started but I highly anticipate being finished by next month so I’ll check in.

I love hearing what other people are listening to and forcing myself to listen to things that are out of my comfort zone. So let me know what you’ve been jamming recently!


Cover image: Taken by me during sunset in Florence, 2014

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