Hi. I’m Olivia 

Cheers for making it to the About page. If you actually meant to click open new tab and your hand slipped I’m sorry.

Information I feel you need to know about me. Sound of Music is my favourite film of all time #julieandrews4eva, I’m unashamedly a fan of Coldplay, I’m 22, a student (studying Education!) and GOOD LORD do I love a Rosé.

no but seriously

Adulting is actually pretty tough and sometimes it can feel like we’ve been thrown in the deep end without a guide book. Liv Actually is just my small way of nutting out the big stuff and sometimes the not so big stuff as I truck along my twenties trying to find LIFE’S PURPOSE.

So come along for the ride, hopefully you’ll have a bit of a giggle on the way through, because if you don’t laugh you’ll cry!



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